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Gift Ideas for Anniversary Year 1

1st Wedding Anniversary Presents 1st anniversary presents are tricky. Anniversary year one sets the standard for all wedding anniversaries to come. Plus, your new wife's expectations are running high and you have something to prove as a husband. Don't worry. In this section, we've lots of gift ideas to make hers a great first anniversary. From traditional paper gifts to modern clocks or customary freshwater pearl jewellery, you'll find a wide choice of present ideas ranging from inexpensive to extravagant

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More Gifts for a 1st Wedding Anniversary

It's your 1st wedding anniversary and your new wife's expectations will be running high. You need to bowl her over with your first ever anniversary present. You need a 1st anniversary gift that doesn't leave her regretting that last I do". But, what to buy her?!

Well, you can go with tradition, because it is kind of romantic and does give your gift choice more meaning. So, be advised that the traditional 1st anniversary gift is paper (don't despair!); the contemporary alternative is a clock (yes, another eyebrow raiser); the distinctive 1st anniversary flower is the pansy, while 1st anniversary jewellery customarily features freshwater pearl.

What? No red roses? No diamonds? Uh-oh, here's the thing: red roses don't enter the customary list until the 15th anniversary and diamonds do not get a look in until much later. You're going to have to be more creative and less predictable for at least 14 anniversaries if you want to stick with tradition!

OK, so here's what you have got to work with on the first wedding anniversary:-

  • Paper Gifts
    Think lovely handmade cards, a naughty-saucy coupon book, a sentimental memory album or even a framed poem written for her. Try finding a photographic gift that liberates those wedding photos from the drawer.
  • The Anniversary Clock
    Mark the good times the two of you have shared during the first year of wedlock with the modern alternative of a clock. How about a charming, antique clock with a personalised message plaque? Alternatively, stretch the theme a bit to that designer wristwatch she has been drooling over for a while.
  • Flowers are Ever Popular
    Every woman loves to receive flowers. Pansies are the way to go in keeping with custom. The vivid pansy flower symbolises reminiscences of the times shared together, so it's perfect for the first anniversary. Also, it shows you've done your homework instead of opting for lazy-old roses!
  • Freshwater Pearl Jewellery
    Few women can resist a little something sparkly. Shower your wife with pearlescent freshwater pearl jewellery, which signifies purity and innocence. A pearl is a rare gem and very, very special. Remind you of someone you know? Happy 1st anniversary gift shopping!

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