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2nd Anniversary Gifts

2nd Anniversary Gifts and Ideas for 2nd Anniversary Presents

We all know how quickly men become complacent. You pulled out all stops to make her first wedding anniversary an unqualified success. But, that does not mean that you can afford to relax this year. Oh no. Expectations are riding high, and like it or not, you are in the spotlight again!

Tip: assume a veneer of calmness even though you haven't a clue where to begin. It may seem like a lot of hard work, but it isn't really. Get the basics right and the rest is easy enough. So, this is what your 2nd anniversary gift checklist should look like...

Traditional 2nd anniversary gift -- cotton; modern alternative -- china; 2nd anniversary flower -- cosmos; 2nd anniversary gemstone -- rose quartz and garnet. (Find the same for other anniversary year presents here).

Hmm, cotton. How blasé is that? Hello! Cotton can be a great romantic gift – think high-count Egyptian bed sheets and pillow cases; monogrammed cotton tees; and, yes, even sexy cotton lingerie.

Symbolising all that is elegant and delicate in your marriage is the modern alternative gift of china. Porcelain photo frames, personalised bone china anniversary plates or platters and china candle stands. But, hey, what's to stop you from giving her a relaxing Chinese massage as well?

Give a shove to the traditional red roses and confidently present her a beautiful bouquet of cosmos flowers -- oh, okay, with a single red rose at the centre -- they are the true 2nd anniversary flower, after all.

Can jewellery be far behind when we are talking anniversaries? It's rose quartz and garnet -- two lovely gemstones, for the 2 year anniversary! Rose quartz is a beautiful, pale pink stone that has been called the 'universal tine of love'! How about a heart-shaped pendant? The dark red garnet symbolises eternal friendship and trust -- isn't that how you would describe your marriage? Stress on anniversary year jewellery to show you've really done your homework and make your woman feel so much more cherished.

Whatever anniversary gifts you give her do, make sure that you don't skip the one ingredient that will make this dish an epicurean delight -- romance. Quite simply, it is the 'salt' of married life! Happy 2nd year anniversary!

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