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3rd Anniversary Gifts

3rd Anniversary Gifts for Her 3rd Anniversary Year Present

By the time your 3rd wedding anniversary rolls around, life has pretty much settled into a routine. (A bit boring? You hastily crush that disloyal thought, but it keeps popping up like an imp when you least expect it.) Possibly nappies and feeding bottles are dominating the scene?

If things have become a wee bit humdrum on the romantic front (there, you admitted it), grab this opportunity with both hands and woo romance back into your lives. Make your third anniversary gift -- or two -- for her simply rocking!

If she's a leather buff then she's simply going to love this 3 year anniversary, which has this super tactile material as its traditional gift. Leather jackets, classy leather handbags, leather jewellery rolls or boxes, leather jewellery, purses, etc -- take your pick. Just drown her in leather -- the traditional anniversary year gift!

On the other hand, if she isn't too wild about leather, then go for the modern alternative of crystal and glass. Dazzling in their beauty and exquisite appearance, crystal seems to symbolise the sparkle between the two of you. Crystal lends itself to an array of truly gorgeous anniversary gifts for women - crystal decanters with matching wine goblets; crystal mirrors or photo frames, crystal figurines and flower vases, and even crystal jewellery.

What adjectives best describe her? Exotic, unusual and delicate? Well, then, the third anniversary flower was meant for her -- the fuchsia. A spray of these stunning blooms are a must on your 3rd anniversary.

And, finally, what is an anniversary without a bauble or too, eh? Luckily for you, you get to kill two (erm...) birds with one stone. Crystal is also the distinctive gemstone for your 3rd anniversary year. Crystal pendants, earrings and necklaces make a stylish fashion statement. Our handmade range has matching 3rd anniversary year necklace

So, the bottom line here is that you can safely narrow down your choice of gifts to two main players -- leather and crystal, and let your imagination do the rest. For once, she'll forget that she was anything else but Eve herself!

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