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4th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 4th Anniversary Gifts and Modern 4th Anniversary Presents

Your 4th wedding anniversary is on the horizon. Great! Four years of being married is a wonderful achievement. Seriously, you have only to look around you to see marriages (especially celebrity marriages) coming apart at the seams scarcely before the honeymoon has ended.

In the last four years, the two of you have pretty much weathered everything from tiffs -- petty or major -- to the usual ups and downs of married life and everything life throws at you. But have pulled through and are ready to mark your 4th wedding anniversary. Does that call for a celebration? You bet it does! And she deserves something truly special for her 4th anniversary gifts.

The traditional gifts (you are lucky, there are three in this category) for the 4 year anniversary gift are books, fruits and flowers. Electrical appliances make up the modern alternative. Geraniums are the flowers to give while topaz and amethyst jewellery are the year's gemstones.

Get smart and give her a beautiful gift hamper that has her favourite author's hardcover edition, exotic fruits like kiwi, figs and mangoes and a bunch of gorgeous geraniums. Alternatively, you can make each gift go solo and just add to the quantity. There are some heart-warming books aimed at women to help them achieve anything from serenity to a passionate love life.

If this seems inadequate for your princess, then wow her with some trendy gadgetry. Maybe that fancy i-phone she's been drooling over, or her personal camcorder to record the children. Or if she is a style diva, then the latest beauty accessories -- swish hair dryer, hair curler, facial sauna and the like -- would be great.

Jewellery and anniversaries go hand-in-hand. Give diamonds a miss this 4th anniversary year (isn't that a relief!) and settle for lovely topaz and amethyst pendants, earrings, and rings. See our selection of contemporary anniversary year jewellery featuring these stones. If they are hand crafted and personalised so much the better. Silver or platinum makes a stunning background for both these gemstones, setting off their beauty dramatically. A personalised gift says, 'You are special to me' like nothing else does.

Finally, this list is just a signpost to help you navigate your way through stress-free anniversary shopping. Making use of the tradition for giving anniversary year gifts, can be a help, but don't get too hung up on it. Give her what your heart tells you to -- and just make sure it is loaded with romance and style.

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