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5th Anniversary Gifts

Customary 5th Anniversary Gifts and Contemporary 5th Anniversary Presents

Wow, five years of wedlock! Congratulations on crossing the first of the landmark wedding anniversaries together. The magical 5th wedding anniversary is indeed a time to raise a toast to each other and look forward to many more couple years ahead.

You really want to do something special for her, don't you? Good, that's a start in the right direction. Well, if you have drawn a blank in the creative gift ideas department, here's a little nudge. All of the first 15 anniversary years have a list of traditional and modern anniversary year gifts, along with the distinctive flower and gemstone.

So, the traditional gift for the 5th anniversary year is wood. Yup, nothing to get wild about, but hang on and you'll know why in a minute. Wood represents something that is solid, durable and practical -- symbolic of a marriage that has tackled all life's vagaries and emerged stronger. Give her anything from a bonsai plant (if she's into gardening) to something you made yourself even if it is something as simple as a picture frame.

Silver makes up the modern alternative for this year's anniversary. Exquisite, timeless and elegant, there is something very classy about silver. Think silver jewellery, silver decorative accessories like candlestands or photo frames or silver anniversary plates.

The most common anniversary gift a man gives his spouse is jewellery -- and, predictably, diamonds. Get creative! Turquoise is the 5 year anniversary gemstone and goes beautifully with silver. There's nothing like a plump marbled turquoise pendant dangling from a delicate chain. Why not give her a personalised necklace? Makes it so much meaningful for her.

And, finally, can flowers be far behind when we are talking anniversaries? Oh, oh, no not roses, but daisies. That's right. Daisy, the flower of innocence, purity and loyal love, is the flower for the 5 year anniversary. A large bouquet of gorgeous daisies with a single red rose at the centre makes a pretty picture.

Whatever anniversary present you buy her, above all, the 5th year anniversary is the time to shower her with your undivided attention and love and reaffirm your vows. Switch off that mobile phone, unplug the laptop and reconnect with each other.

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