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Romantic Hearts

Gifts with Hearts Gifts with hearts on, heart-shaped gifts and heart designs and patterns are eternally popular romantic offerings. A plump red heart is a symbol we all understand and it says what a thousand words couldn't withou

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Undeniably, the heart is an enduring motif in the language of love and romance. Designers frequently incorporate this vignette as visual shorthand for those three little words (I Love You), while sales and the breadth of products available shows shoppers still have a big appetite for gifts with hearts. It truly is a heart-shaped world out there!

Philosophers and psychologists could probably write a thesis on our affection for the heart. It seems strange that this human organ whose sole function is to pump blood around our bodies has become so culturally entwined with emotional attachment. After all, it actually plays no part in how we are thinking or feeling. And, yet when it comes to "affairs of the heart" (!), we allow ourselves to be utterly confused by its role. But does the 'why?' really matter? Isn't it enough to know that we all understand the significance of a heart - especially a given one?

This wonderful selection of gifts featuring or inspired by the heart icon proves there's no danger of cardiac arrest in popular culture any time soon. Indeed, there's something for every budget and taste! How about a cute little heart-shaped keyring to hold your photograph dear or a cocktail glass smothered in hearts? For bigger budgets, there's an exclusive British handmade necklace and matching bracelet with heart links. We even stock heart-shaped salad servers!

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