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How To Wrap Gifts With Ribbon

How To Wrap Gifts With Ribbon: How To Ribbon Tie Her Present

Forget stick on plastic bows, for a truly professional and high-class look there's no beating traditional ribbon-tied gift-wrapper. That action of pulling the bow and undoing the ribbon is an essential element of the excitement and anticipation of opening a great gift.

Here is another guide showing how to wrap a gift correctly, if you haven't already done that.

Click any image to enlarge.

1) Measure the ribbon as twice the longest edge...

Measure ribbon twice the longest edge - click to view larger

2) ...plus twice the width...

Plus twice the width - click to view larger

3) ...plus twice the depth...

Plus twice the depth - click to view larger

4) ...plus twice the height...

Plus twice the height - click to view larger

5) plus enough ribbon to tie a bow, say 30cm.

Plus enough ribbon to tie a bow - click to view larger

6) Place the wrapped gift face down and at the mid-point of the length of ribbon.

 - click to view larger

7) Bring the ribbon ends up and over and cross in the middle of the gift. Pull tight.

Bring the ribbon ends up and cross over - click to view larger

8) Bring the ribbon ends down around the sides, turning the gift over in the process. Try to keep the ribbon tight whilst doing so.

Wrap the ribbon around the sides - click to view larger

9) Cross over the ribbons in the middle and pull tight.

Cross the ribbons and pull tight - click to view larger

10) Press down on the crossing point and push one ribbon end under the long unbroken length.

Push one ribbon end under the long ribbon length - click to view larger

11) Pull the ribbon end all the way through and tie the loose ribbon ends...

Pull through and tie in bow - click to view larger

12) ...like tying your shoelaces!

Tie the ribbon like tying shoelaces - click to view larger

13) Draw the bows to equal sizes. Larger parcels and ribbon widths suit larger bows and vice versa.

Draw the bows to equal sizes - click to view larger

14) Trim off the ribbon ends.

Trim off the ribbon ends - click to view larger

15) The finished ribbon-tied traditionally-wrapped gift!

Finished ribbon-tied traditionally-wrapped gift - click to view larger

The finished ribbon-tied gift. How to wrap a gift correctly

The finished ribbon-tied gift

How do I wrap the gift perfectly?

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