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Farmyard Collection by Chocolate on Chocolate

Chocolate so good, even die-hard vegetarians and animal lovers won't be able to resist biting the head off a chicken!

She loves animals and now she can eat a whole one!

Moo! Baa! Oink, oink! Quack, quack! Tickle her funny bone and satisfy her sweet tooth all at the same time: Send her this wacky farmyard collection of UK handmade chocolates! And, if she has just transitioned into the big, smoggy city from rural idyll, she will fall in love with these adorable creatures. Don't be surprised if she actually saves a couple instead of eating them to handle emotional distress whenever waves of nostalgia hit her!

  • Farmyard Collection Chocolates

  • 9 cute chocolate farmyard animals

  • 2 pig, 2 sheep, 2 cow, 2 hens, 1 duck

  • Beautifully detailed - almost too good to eat!

  • Belgian white and dark chocolate by Choc on Choc

  • Handmade in Bath, England

  • Suitable for vegetarians

  • Height/length: 35 mm

  • Width: 163 mm

  • Depth: 160mm

  • Weight: 272 gms

Farmyard Collection by Chocolate on Chocolate

Price: £11.99


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