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Funny Gifts for Women

Brief Notes
Brief Notes
Boot Cuffs Knit Set
Boot Cuffs Knit Set
from £4.00

Buy Humorous Gifts for Her in Our Funny Gifts for Women Range

Choosing funny gifts for women, for menfolk, can often be a bit of a risk. The risk of her throwing your "funny gift" right back in your face, that is! After all, men are for mars and women from venus (so they say) and... well, women's and men's sense of humour (like the planets) aren't always totally aligned.

But, if you really want to make her smile or laugh, this selection of funny gifts for her can help you! Of course, this is pressies', so you won't find anything laddish, course or base. There's no toilet or bottom jokes here. Our funny gifts for women come in two flavours: saucy / cheeky fun where the joke is just for lovers and girly humour ~ a tongue-in-cheek slant on what it means to be a woman these days.

The good news is that making someone smile with a funny gift needn't cost much; you can send a very humorous woman's novelty mug that speaks to her amusing female dilemmas for just a few pounds. They are a great way to inject some much needed levity into the a mundane morning. After all, more often than not, the morning post contains mainly bills! Alternatively, our fun mugs, mouse mats, coasters, table place mats, key rings, notebooks, corkscrews and so on, will raise a smile every time they are used.

Whether she's a shoeaholic, a spendthrift, is bored at work, likes a drink (or three), is too damned sexy for her clothes, has a cheeky childish side or is high maintenance and jolly well knows it, we've a funny female gift that will hit the spot. And, if your little jokey funny present makes her smile every time she notices it, then it truly is a worthwhile gift for her isn't it?

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