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Gifts for Female Colleagues

Prehnite Bangle
Prehnite Bangle
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Pencil Pup Sharpener
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Knit Kit Tea Cosy
Knit Kit Tea Cosy
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Presents for a Female Colleague You Work With

A work colleague's birthday is coming up next week and you are in a dilemma. What would be the best gift for a female work mate? You already have a girlfriend and you definitely don't want to be sending your work colleague any unintentional mixed signals!

We think the best gift for a work friend would be one that treads the thin (but essential) line between being too personal and too impersonal. And just what might these be? Well, here are a few female gift ideas that will help you navigate your way through some stress-free shopping for gifts for your female work colleague.

A box of chocolates and a card (read the words inside and give a wide berth to any racy and raunchy wordings) is always a 'safe' present for a work mate. The only snag is if she is allergic to chocolates -- discrete inquiries should take care of this potential pitfall. And, even if she is, never mind. Just substitute chocolates with cookies and you are good to go.

An office desk kit makes not just a great gift but a very thoughtful and practical one as well. Throw together any combination of an attractive diary, desk organiser, photograph frame, special pen or a host of other must-have essentials for the smart corporate professional.

Another 'safe' work colleague gift is a gift certificate or gift card to movie theatres, to restaurants or to clothes stores. This allows her the freedom to choose what she wants -- and enjoy your gift at the same time!

The trick behind choosing much-appreciated presents for female colleague lies in being slightly psychologically savvy. So, give the lacy number and sky high stilettos a miss and settles for a harmless but attractive gift hamper. If you know her tastes, then fill the basket with her favourite gourmet goodies -- fine designer chocolates, cookies, exotic cheese and fruits. Stick in a card as a final flourish.

So, remember, the gift you buy your work mate will double up as your personal signature. A wrong gift can create a rift in an otherwise pleasant working relationship, while a thoughtfully chosen one can lead to more warmth and work-related favours! Take your pick...

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