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Hen Party Gifts

Rude Balloons
Rude Balloons

Hen Night Gifts for the Hen Party

What makes a stupendously successful Hen Night? Well, surely any right-thinking person would agree that the list should include:-

  • The bride-to-be

  • All her girl friends

  • Certainly not her mother or any aunt that's going to put a dampener on events!

  • Lots and lots of drinks

  • Contingency plans in case the evening turns wilder than expected

  • Even more drinks

  • Bucket loads of laughter

  • Something strong to take the pain away next day

  • Mind-bogglingly outrageous and fantastic memories

These days the hen night is almost as big a part of the nuptial celebrations as the wedding day itself (and rightly so!). Often referred to as the her 'last night of freedom', it should be a wild and wonderful 'last hurrah' before putting all that behind her and settling down to domestic bliss (yeah, right!). Whether you are the maid of honour actually in charge of organising her last big day out (ever), or just a good mate looking forward to a giggle, you can help to make her evening of freedom even more memorable by giving her one of our hand-picked party gifts.

If you can supply the bride-to-be and plenty of 'hens' who are up for a laugh, plus a good dose of drink and sort out an appropriate venue, then we'll help you out with the fun and laughter. For instance, we have a great Dirty Stop Out Kit containing all those after dark essentials, plus an Urban Hangover Kit which she will carry around like a talisman all evening in readiness for that terrible throbbing head in the morning.

occasionally even willing partygoers need a litte nudge in the direction of fun!

Sometimes the bachelorette party can get off to a bit of a slow start. Even the most willing participants sometimes need a little help shedding their inhibitions. All that's needed is a little nudge in the right direction to kick start the party. That's where this fantastic Girls Night Out Party Kit comes in. It contains the props to set the scene, naughty dare cards to set the agenda and a disposable camera to record the fun! In fact, everything you need to get the fun and frivolities well and truly under way. Just think of the memories you'll make.

As for the memories, well it's important that they are recorded for posterity. But, no girl wants to be burdened by a £1 + digital camera when you are just trying to let your hair down and have fun. The last thing you want to be worrying about when cavorting on the dancefloor is where your expensive camera is. Likewise, you don't actually want to wind up dropping and breaking said camera, whilst a little bit tipsy. Thankfully, we can help here too. Keep those memories safe without worrying with our "This is My Hen Night Camera and Book" It allows her (or the whole bridal gang) to record every single moment of the momentous event -- from one indiscretion to the next!

Of course, once you've taken all those salacious photos, what better gift for the bride than a great way to present them? After all, when the memories start to fade -- which will be pretty quickly given the amount of alcohol consumed -- she's going to want something to look back on. So, why not giver her a photo montage on canvas of the best photos from the evening? Surely a montage of all those wild photos, each featuring some of her best friends and packed with happiness and fun, will become a treasured memento of that very last -- and wildest -- single evening of her life? Alternatively, you could collate a special photograph album detailing all the downright naughtiness that occurred, or complete the book in the My Hen Night and Camera Book pack.

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