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Kind Of On a Diet Lolita Wine Glass from Designs by Lolita

Is she is willing to ditch her dreary on-off diet just so that she can sip her beloved Sancerre from this humorous Lolita glass? Why of course!

Damn those dreaded scales! Here's the glass with which to drink to that!

She is always at loggerheads with her bathroom scales. They never seem to agree on that certain number! That's when she decided that enough was enough and headed for the solace of a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, to calm down after the latest spat! This fun Kind Of On A Diet" wine glass from the famous Designs by Lolita collection sums up her battle with the bulge. The fat fighting facts are emblazoned all over the glass! And, if she needs further consolation, there's always that emergency white wine cocktail recipe underneath..."

  • The ideal glass for the eternal dieter's Sauvignon Blanc or Saint-Emilion
  • Large 42cl wine glass decorated by hand
  • This Lolita design covers all those dieting dilemmas
  • You know: fitting into skinny jeans, the dreaded bikini...etc
  • Inside me is a skinny woman, so it says
  • Pineapple juice, low calorie soda and white wine mixer recipe underneath the base
  • Use as her regular Chablis or Chardonnay glass or add extra calories with the cocktail!
  • Fully boxed in stylish packaging
  • Height/length: 225 mm
  • Width: 78 mm
  • Depth: 78mm
  • Weight: 390 gms

Kind Of On a Diet Lolita Wine Glass from Designs by Lolita

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