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I am going to be ridiculously rich..." Notebook"

Give a I am going to be ...... and this is my plan..." notebook and her dreams may just come true and, even if they don't, it'll still make her smile"

For a girl with a plan, or a girl who needs one!

We all dream of a better life. You know, being more gorgeous. The trappings of greater wealth. Marrying Prince William. But few will realise their dreams. And, you know why? Because the vast majority never made a plan. And, as any over-paid management consultant will tell you: Poor Planning Produces Particularly (!) Poor Performance". Which makes these "this is my plan" notebooks the ideal gift for any girl with ambition who needs a plan to match. And, even if she doesn't get 'round to producing that "road map" to riches, it'll still make her smile every time she uses it."

  • I'm Going To Be Ridiculously Rich And This Is My Plan Notebook
  • Wire-bound, lay-flat format with blank pages inside
  • For making notes, doodling and, best of all, most of all financial scheming
  • Where better to sketch out her route to untold riches?!
  • Height/length: 150 mm
  • Width: 165 mm
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Weight: 255 gms

I am going to be ridiculously rich..." Notebook"

Price: £6.99


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