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Lolita Shopaholic Hand-painted Martini Glass

Fill this shopaholic" Martini glass from Designs by Lolita with the perfect excuse to stay out of the shops: a stonking good cocktail. There's even a handy cocktail recipe on the base!"

What a way to anaesthetise herself before opening that horrific credit card bill!

She's got a spending... erm... habit. She can't keep off the High Street. Fashion is her major weakness (so this fashionable Martini glass is sure to be popular). She loves to shop, shop, shop, but it's a heck of a shock when the credit card statement lands with a thud on her doormat. Thank goodness you bought her this absolutely fabulous Lolita Love My Martini" cocktail glass. It's a super glamorous way to imbibe herself of enough falling down water to forget her latest financial crisis, fast. And, after mixing her bitters into a tasty tonic, she'll be ready to hit the shops again!"

  • Shopaholic Hand-painted Martini Glass
  • Martini glass with hand-painted design
  • Shopaholic's cocktail on the underneath
  • Sophisticated black gift box
  • Fun, functional and fabulous, dahling
  • The start of a whole collection?
  • The hotest girly gift in the US
  • Height/length: 178 mm
  • Width: 118 mm
  • Depth: 118mm
  • Weight: 402 gms

Lolita Shopaholic Hand-painted Martini Glass

Price: £16.99 Sale: £13.99


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