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Talkaholic Wine Glass by Lolita Designs

This delicious Lolita 'Talkaholic' glass celebrates two things she loves the most: chatting and drinking wine. Now, she can relish both at the same time! We're talking (!) about the kind of girl who thinks the most important invention of mankind was the mobile phone (forget air travel or the automobile, because she can't gossip on her mobile while flying or driving!). But, with all that gossiping, her parched throat will be longing for a cool glass of crisp Chardonnay. Keep her vocal chords well-oiled with alcohol and she is sure to become ever more indiscreet in spilling the beans. Do keep topping up her glass!

Chatterbox...who me?

Know someone who chatters away, nineteen to the dozen? For whom, the most important invention of mankind was the mobile phone? Then this hand-painted wine glass is just perfect for her. Fun, quirky and fabulously collectible. After all that chatting and gossiping, her parched throat simply longs for a delicious cool drink. So, all she needs to do is flip the glass upside down and voila! An emergency wine cocktail recipe can be hers in a jiffy!

  • Large hand-painted and decorated Lolita wine glass
  • Lime Juice, Lemonade, Powdered Sugar and Pinot Grigio white wine cocktail recipe on the bottom
  • Presented in the signature Lolita gift box
  • Height/length: 225 mm
  • Width: 78 mm
  • Depth: 78mm
  • Weight: 390 gms

Talkaholic Wine Glass by Lolita Designs

Price: £16.49


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