This Valentine's Day make it one for her to treasure using these top ten ideas. A recent survey* discovered that 60% of women most want romance, not expensive gifts or passion. Give her romance with a capital 'R' using these ideas.

Valentine's Day is the one day (or evening) of the year when all men are expected to be romantic. That's whatever their normal inclinations are. There are no exceptions. Some men can find this a struggle. Finding one's feminine side can be tough, especially when you work and/ or socialise in a strongly male-orientated environment.

Struggle men must, however, because romance is what women want. A visitor survey* conducted at, discovered that the majority of women place romance at the top of their wants. Asked what their ideal birthday present would be, just about 60% ticked a romantic weekend away. That's nearly twice as many as who wanted an expensive gift.

That's the good news then; it means Valentine's Day doesn't have to be expensive. It just needs to be very, very special... to her. And, just to be clear, romance does not mean passion. They are two entirely different things. In case of any confusion, just remember romance is done with your trousers on, Sir. This is vitally important; in the same survey* only 12 percent chose the night of passion. Confuse the two and you have a 1 in 10 chance of her NOT getting the hump!

How to do romance well then? Well, unfortunately, there's no time to write a manual. So, instead, here's ten ideas you can incorporate into your own ultra-romantic Valentine's Day.

1. Take the day off for her

Imagine her delight when she wakes up expecting to go to work, but instead you've organised a fabulous day out for her. You will need to phone her boss and book it off properly. Calling in sick for her is probably a bad idea. How can she enjoy herself if she's at the doctors getting a sick note?!

2. Leave work early

If you're doing an evening-only thing, give yourself time to get home, get showed, get dressed to impress and get everything organised. That means when she drifts in after a knackering day, you can give her your undivided attention. Making her the centre of attention is what romance is all about.

3. Make her the centre of attention

When she walks in that door, don't just put yourself at her disposal. Instead, have it all figured out. Thrust a gin and tonic (or her favourite drink) in her hand the minute she walks in the door. Have the bathroom decked out with candles ready. Nip upstairs, light them and start running the bath.

4. Lose the kids

OK, we all love our little ones dearly, but they're are a magnet for attention. Just having them around is going to be distracting and take the focus off her. For this evening only, two's company. Can you arrange for them to stay over at the grandparents or somewhere else?

5. Give thoughtful gifts

According to our survey*, 30% of women are going to love extravagant, but thoughtful is often better. Thoughtful might be a special pair of earrings or new perfume to wear tonight, handmade chocolates on her pillow (dinner's going to be late tonight) or maybe some luxurious bathing products for that bath you were running.